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Pioneer keep on pushing things forward with the ultimate AV mixer for creative DJs and VJs.

The SVM-1000 is not a typical four-channel mixer. It breaks new ground by offering a whole new level of creative possibilities for mixing audio and visuals together, boasts stacks of hot effects, an intuitive touchscreen and enough connections around the back to keep the professionals very happy.

The SVM-1000 is the world's first mixer to offer four-channel video mixing. Previously, VJs would need to chain multiple mixers together to gain this effect. Its internal visualizer means that any DJ can quickly and easily add visuals to their set. It can also display and add effects to JPG images loaded from memory cards - further installing the industry-standard concept of the CDJ-1000 memory card's features. It'll even create a slide show!

Up until now there hasn't been a creative mixer that suits both a DJ's and a VJ's needs in equal measures. With an interface that's simple to use and an incredible amount of features, Pioneer have really done their homework and stayed well clear of cutting any corners with the spec.
The heart and soul of the SVM-1000 is its multi-faceted colour touchscreen. Navigate the functions, control the effects and even preview the video inputs on the 11" LCD.
The DJM series has received much love from effect aficionados, and not without good reason. Between the wicked selection of cutting-edge algorithms, stellar sound quality and intuitive interaction through the touchscreen, it has mind-bending creative potential.
The SVM-1000 pushes this even further by introducing three groups of true AV effects to the mix, effects that warp the audio and video together.

For a start, AV beat effects use the automatic beat detection to synchronise effect patterns in time with the BPM of the music. Favourites such as echo, filter and rev roll are joined by new effects, including inverse, edge and hue, to enhance the visual performance.
The second group is AV touch effects, which make full use of the LCD screen and offers real-time fingertip control of video parameters. Ripple, lens, spot, radiation, cube, block, drop and distortion are some of the 12 new patterns to play with.
The third group is dedicated to text effects and uses the BPM detection to display messages in sync with the beat. Users can type in via the touchscreen's built-in keyboard. Alternatively, plug in a USB keyboard and use that instead.
The SVM-1000 also has plenty of inputs around the back, including six line inputs, two phonos, digital coaxial and mics. The video side is very impressive with 10 inputs for composite signals and four for S-video.

There's no doubt that the SVM-1000 is the next level tool that's going to breed a whole new generation of talented AVJs. And its price is not too scary when you consider that it offers above and beyond the features of two Edirol V-4s (£1500), a Pioneer EFX-1000 (£750), a DJM-800 (£1050) and a new visualizer.
Desperate to get your hands on this thing already? Well that's too bad because it looks like it won't be around until early next year. But at least it gives us time to start saving.


PRICE : £3500

RELEASED : February 2008