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Robosonic's first gig

“We found an early photo of us wearing our trademark yellow and black stage outfits [that] we used to rock about six or seven years ago, that brought back some fun memories! The first gig we ever played together was in January 2006 in a small German town named Lüdenscheid, with DJ Shir Khan (now proud owner of Exploited Records) as a headliner. Cord (aka DJ Schall at that time) was making bootlegs with him, and I (Robotti) had met Cord through a common friend of ours."

"It didn’t take long until we were ‘in the studio’ together making mash-ups with Samplitude under the alias Robosonic The Hedgehog. For this first Robosonic The Hedgehog gig, I borrowed my sister’s Fiat and drove the three of us down there. We can’t remember much of the gig except that we played some of our own booties from vinyl, shared a hotel room and got paid the petrol money. Livin‘ it large!”