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Sante talks to us about his first ever gig...

My first DJing gig was when I was still living at my parents’ house in Ulm, Germany. My parents had gone on holiday and as soon as they left I started to set up the living room for my first ever gig. I tried my best to make the room look like a dancefloor and rented a smoke machine and even a strobe. I was trying pretty hard to impress all my friends.

“One of my friends, who worked at a record store at that time, had to lend me all of his records since I only had a few techno records myself. It was so much fun, the smoke, the strobe, the whole vibe of the party, with people dancing and raving all night and into the morning.

“I must have made a good impression on some people because after that I was invited to DJ at some other house parties for friends and people who had turned up to that first party.”

Sante's debut album, Current, is out October 27 on AVOTRE.