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Ex Azuli man tells us about his first ever gig

“One of the first ever proper gigs in Ibiza was on the Space Terrace on a Friday night for Azuli, who I was working for at the time. Now if there is one room you want everything to run smoothly, it’s the Space Terrace. I was only due to play the first hour but Paola Martini’s flight from Milan was delayed, so I was told I would have to do the full three hours.

Not only concerned about running out of records (these were the vinyl days and I was scrambling for B-sides), I was now directly before Francois K who earlier in the day had refused to speak to me because I couldn’t find him the right gold connector cables. Let's just say he was very particular about the sound.

The irony was, he had the right connectors all along and turned up and installed them, the room filled up, people danced and I quickly learnt how much fun and what a pleasure it is to play at Space. This summer I get the pleasure of playing every week. I’m a lucky boy.”

'Future Disco presents Poolside Sounds Vol 2' is out now on Needwant.'