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Vision One

Tonight sees the launch party of 'Vision One', the new DVD from Frolic Productions that amalgamates the best in cutting edge electronic music and mind bending visuals.

Frolic VJs and designers Quadroptica, Electromica, Saleh Addonia, Marco Muraca, Triggerset, and Jessica Incerti Telani have synchronized their graphics to nine tracks to create a visual and aural smorgasbord for the mind and soul.

With tracks by Freakulizer, Laughing Buddha & Hopi, M-Theory, Project FM, Altom, Liquid Soul, Max Stellato, Triac, Solar System and Nic No Name all mastered with both 5.1 surround sound and stereo options, the DVD is perfect for any bar or club with a screen.

The launch party at Elephant and Castle's Coronet will showcase the DVD and the artists involved - but organizer Nic Frolic warns that you'll need to get down there early, as not only is there free entry all night but there's also some free drinks! Usually on sale for £12–£18, the DVD will be available in the Coronet's VIP room at a very special price of just £10.

While this first project has taken a while, Nic is quick to point out that they've learned from its mistakes and have actually started work on the sequel already. The tracks have been completed and he hopes to have it finished by April/May, and stresses that it has indeed been much easier this time around. Having had a sneak peak at the DVD, we just can't wait to experience v1 in the Coronet's awesome main room.

The launch party starts at 11pm and runs until 7am on Friday 14 December and we can only echo Nic's comments to get down there early for free entry and free drinks.