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Want to DJ at Ibiza's Sands?

Then here's your contest

Late July is a wonderful time to be in Ibiza, isn’t it? The beach, the clubs, the warm blush of the late summer sun, the contests that allow aspiring DJs to spin at massive beach parties... wait, what? Yep, you read that correctly. Cr2 Records is throwing a party at Ibiza’s Sands bar, and they’ve only got three acts lined up. The fourth and final DJ could very well be you.

They’re holding a competition on their facebook page to determine who the opening DJ will be. There’s a mere three steps towards Balearic greatness.

1) Click here.

2) Fill out your information and submit your thirty-minute mix.

3) Have a better mix than everyone else.

He (or she) who completes Step 3 to the satisfaction of Cr2 records will be selected to DJ immediately preceding MYNC, who are headlining the party and recently saw their track ‘Special Brew’ receive plays from Pete Tong himself.

Additionally, MYNC’s fellow Cr2 artists Tapesh and Damian Wilson will be playing the event, helping to ensure the unparalleled excellence of the night.

Oh, and to sweeten the deal, Cr2 is giving away copies of MYNC’s album to the first two hundred people to enter the party, AND are offering a contest for a lucky soul to head to Ibiza in September to stay at Es Vive for free.

Check out the event, as well as the contests here. And if you win, be sure to give us a shout-out during your set.