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Win a pair of headphones!

In a similar vein to our Gamechanger video about 'Praise You', hi-end stereo makers Bose have made a documentary about 'The Rockafeller Slank'.

Part of a campaign entitled #listenforyourself that's enlisted The Hives and Bloc Party so far, 'Episode 3' celebrates Norman Cook's massive hit which sold six million copies in 1998. Offering an insight into the Brightonian's personal life and recording practices at home, the documentary also paints a picture of a buzzing club scene at a time when dance music was exploding and big beat ruled the charts.

As well as a premiere showing of the film, we've also got a pair of Bose headphones to give away to one lucky reader. Watch it below and send the word BOSE to [email protected] for a chance to win...