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Nixwax returns to Plan B to celebrate 6th vinyl release

Formed in 2011 to focus more on timeless dance music than passing flash-in-the-pan fads, Nixwax takes inspiration from the various avenues – disco, techno, house – currently explored within UK bass music today. The result is the most promising label we've encountered for a few scratchy little beards.

Far from restricted to the UK scene, it's already put out sublime cuts from all over, including the phenomenally classy 'Shake It Down' from Berlin-based duo BEHR, alongside tracks from Newcastle's Joonipah and Stockwell's OJSmooth on NIX005.  

Between them, they make up a family of upcoming producers hell bent on trying something new, always primed for the dancefloor, tasteful and most definitely debonair. By extension, this also includes Frankfurt's Nisse Nilson (see pic), who, despite sharing the name of a famous Swedish Ice Hockey player, is actually a nascent noise refiner from Frankfurt. His next EP, NIX006, drops at the beginning of Feb, so he'll be in town to be celebrate its launch at Plan B, London, alongside the label's main offenders on Friday 1st February. Robust, chunky and stripped back without forgetting the music, the release has the sheen we've come to expect from a sophisticated label rapidly on the rise...


Friday 1st February | Plan B, Brixton

10pm – 4am | £5/£7

Nisse Nilson, BEHR, OJsmooth, Rob Amboule, Alec Function, Hunter Giles