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We are Woodville

New audio-visual future for the founders of Paper Recordings

Manchester's rich musical legacy has produced many iconic bands and labels, not least Paper Recordings. The brainchild of Peter Jenkinson and Ben Davis, Paper was responsible for an impeccable run of original, singular deep house 12"s and albums from such illustrious types as Salt City Orchestra, Crazy P and Eddie 'Flashin'' Fowlkes.

Paper unfortunately bit the dust in 2003, but now Jenkinson and Davis are back with a brand new venture - Woodville.

Expanding beyond the traditional parameters of the record label, Woodville will embrace animation, video and design to create a completely audio-visual creative outlet.

"We wanted to add a visual aspect to the audio side," commented Jenkinson. "We're using the original designers who were responsible for the image and graphics of Paper - they're called Sosumi - and they're designing the Woodville website, which will be graphic-led. We've also got a video being worked on at the moment, for our first release."

The first single on Woodville will be 'Love the World' by the Karoshi Bros, out 19th November. A twisted electro-pop bounce, it comes backed with a tech-house remix from Magik Johnson, and a stranger downbeat mix from Flash Atkins. The whole release perfectly captures Woodville's adventurous ethos.

"The idea is to spread it out pretty widely. Paper was of its time, we don't want to be pigeonholed. With each release we want to do something unusual, something different," revealed Davis.

Jenkinson added: "We're going to continue with the irreverent attitude that Paper had, but use as many sources as possible, make it more eclectic."

With releases planned from Heavy Deviants, Matt Playford, Flash Atkins and more from Karoshi Bros, Woodville is shaping up to be just as promising as its predecessor.