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Red Bull Music Academy's Club Culture archive

To coincide with Red Bull Music Academy’s second takeover of the EDF London Eye a celebration of UK club culture from the past 30 years, Red Bull Music Academy have teamed up with Google+ to create a rather unique website that encapsulates the most legendary UK club nights of the past and present which in itself will be played out over the London Skyline in the 30 pods paying homage to the movers and shakers of UK club culture.

This unique partnership has given birth to the Revolutions in Sound website that not only captures the experiences of the glory days but maps out the revolution that defines UK dance music culture to the present day. The interaction with the site is almost like 6 degrees of separation where by the power of social media and social networking users can check out, track down and share their experiences from those heady rave days from the DJs artists, club nights, events, venues and tracks all archived into this fantastic vault of the British dance music scene, seeing who was there and when.

More than just a photo sharing experience the Revolutions in Sound website is in fact a living archive of UK Club Culture where users can not only find out about particular clubs and parties like The Astoria, The Hacienda, Orbit, Jive Turkey Shoom, Cream, Energy, Bugged Out - all the original pioneers of the clubbing scene, but also add their own content to the ever expanding connections already immersed within this expansive database. Check out the tunes, the flyers, the labels, who was spinning the wax and a lot more.

Jump straight in on the Revolutions in Sound for a more indepth journey into UK Club Culture.