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What are you wearing? Noir

Each month we get exclusive wardrobe access to a different artist

What are you wearing right now?

“I am in my studio now wearing double G-Star Raw, actually. Jeans and a v-neck t-shirt from G-Star, which I bought three days ago in Schipol Airport, Amsterdam. My T-shirt was sweaty and I was looking for something decent to put on, and ended up buying a pair of jeans as well. So here I am sitting in the studio listening to demos and promos in my ‘new gear’.”

How would you describe your style? Do you have any style icons?

“I think I’m quite casual and a bit ‘street’ at times. I wear jeans and t-shirts a lot. I especially love buying t-shirts, as I often use three to four per weekend when I tour clubs around the globe.
“I have not been into the whole hipster look, although I might have worn a thing or two inspired by it. I guess you get a little inspired by looking at what people wear in the clubs. I don’t have any icons I watch for fashion, so can’t say I get any inspiration from celebrities or designers.”

Who is your favourite designer/label?

“Again, I don’t favour any particular brands or designers. I like to mix it up, so my purchases are made from different shops around the world. Recently I have been buying a couple of pairs of G-Star Raw jeans and I also have a couple of cool Religion t-shirts that I bought in London.”

What is your favourite boutique/store?

“I walk into any store that looks interesting from the outside and I especially like shopping in London and Barcelona, as I always find something that excites me there. I do love having the time to shop in the cities I am fortunate to see because of touring, and because you can find something really special in almost every city. I am not that much into online shopping. I need to try the clothes on and feel the fabric before buying.”

Which city in the world is the most stylish in your opinion?

“London. I am always fascinated by the cool types you meet on the street.”

What is your most treasured possession?

“I love my variations of the classic Adidas superstar shoe. They fit my feet perfectly and are the only shoes that get me through three-four nights of playing, standing up in the clubs without sore heels afterwards.
“I also love my keychain/necklace where I put in all sorts of stuff I find around the world. Right now, I am carrying a key that can open bottles, a key that is also a usb key.”

What have you got in the pipeline?

“I am finishing a couple of singles and working on my forthcoming album. It takes a long time, as I am doing ‘songs’ this time, and not only ‘tracks’. Which means I am working with singer/songwriters around the world to give the club music more depth and human soul.
“On the side, I am of course running my labels Noir Music and NM2 where lots of exciting music, artists and remixers are about to be unleashed. Good times!”