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What You Wearing

Dan from Liquid People reveals what's in his closet...

What are you wearing right now?

"Believe it or not I'm wearing a five-a-side football kit! It's blue and black stripes which is my team, the mighty Trumpington Tornadoes strip."

Favourite labels / designers?

"Supreme Being are my favourite designers. They are a Cambridge-based design company and their designs are for arty and musical people and I love most of their clothes. I have about 10 T-shirts, 3 coats and 2 hats and I'm in their shop at last once a month. I always wear one of their T-shirts when I play, and you can check out their website at"

How do you shop?

"Whenever I get a chance."

Favourite boutique or store?

"Unify on King Street, Cambridge. I love Unify because of the cool, friendly and laid back atmosphere of the shop and of course, the clothes they sell. Check them out at"

Most treasured item and why?

"My most treasured clothing item would be my black Jordan 5's or maybe my black Jordan 4's. I'm into my trainers in a big way like most DJ's (yawn!)."

Favourite web site?

What are you up to?

"Our new single, 'Mesmerise' with Haze has just been promoed on and is doing great on the MN2S label hot on the heels of our soulful 'Truth Is' one. We also have a new release coming up on Tony Humphries' Tony label with Sean Williams called 'Trouble In Paradise'. Workaholics, we are readying two more singles with Jocelyn Brown and Kathy Brown, and David Harness has just also remixed our track, 'Try' for Defected."