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What you wearing

The festival impresario takes us through his royal wardrobe...

What are you wearing right now?

"I'm sporting tan leather boots made by my favourite designer, Folk, and I'm also wearing my fluorescent pink cardigan, also made by Folk. I'm colourblind so it just looks fairly bright to me but when I walk into Radio 1 people reach for their sunglasses."

How would you describe your style?

"Scruffy urchin. I hate smart clothes, ties, fitted trousers and pointy shoes so I end up looking like Worzel Gummidge mixed with Johnny Depp circa Pirates of the Caribbean."

Favourite designers or labels?

"Folk, as every piece they make seems to fit me and they're hard wearing so I can get away with wearing them for years. Dries Van Noten for shoes that are comfy, and if I really have to wear a shirt or something smart it's Vivienne Westwood all the way."

Favourite boutique or store?

"Colette in Paris for great CDs, hilarious new rave streetwear and useless but necessary gadgets."

Essential festival item?

"Wellies - I'll always have a pair of wellies in my rucksack since one Glastonbury was spent in a pair of sodden trainers with trench foot after all the wellies sold out."

Best fancy dress outfit you've ever worn?

"I didn't actually get to wear it as the last Bestival was a tad damp but my wife Josie's creative team made me an amazing light up squid outfit complete with luminous tentacles! I suppose I brought the flood on myself with my choice of an underwater theme!"

Most treasured item of clothing ever?!

"An old red cardigan with threadbare arms and reindeers dancing around it made by Benetton. I wore it every day from the age of 15 – 19 and I may frame it on my wall, the amount of adventures it's been through."

What's in the pipeline?

"The festivals - Camp Bestival in July, Bestival in September. The Rob da Bank's A – Z of Festivals book that I wrote and my wife Josie illustrated, new records on Sunday Best from Ebony Bones, Bastila and Dub Pistols and my Radio 1 shows - and that's all before breakfast!"