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What You Wearing?

So Kid Massive, tell about your garms...

What are you wearing right now?

"I'm wearing jeans from G Star 3301 with my Nike ID Air Max in black, pink and white. The colours of my record label Audiodamage. They even have Kid Massive written on them! (laughs)
"My t shirt is from a Paris based company PHCY, and my sweatshirt is black from a wicked little shop called Lazy Oaf on Carnaby Street. I have a gold plated old school digital watch from Vestal which I am very fond of."

How would you describe your style?

"My style is pretty laid back, nothing like a good sweatshirt, and jeans or combats. But I do like to present myself well."

Favourite designer/label?

"I don't really have a fave label or designer as such, I like clothes that look and feel right, be they high street or designer, makes no difference, it's how you wear it that counts."

Favourite place to go in the summer?

"Anywhere warm but I especially like the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. It's really pretty, unspoilt with lots of great natural beauty and clean beaches and good food to eat. In the nighttime you can party all night at some great clubs and it's also really cheap to drink! Of course I will also be out in Ibiza weekly on Sundays hosting the Audiodamage Gets Charged Boat Parties and Plastik Lounge in San Antonio."

How do you like to shop?

"I normally just pick up some bits when I'm heading into town, I like doing that by myself, nice bit of music on the iPod, and off I go!"

Most treasured item of clothing.

"That would be my old school Adidas winter jacket from the 80´s series they did a few years ago, have had it for a while now. It's got a proper retro feel, with all the colours under the sun."

What are you up to?

"Am working in the studio with Michael Gray, releasing tracks on Tiesto´s new tech house label Avanti records, as well as singles for labels like Stealth, Kingdom Kome Cuts, Kosmo Records, Fr2, Gossip, Control Freq, Cabellero and others. I have recently done remixes for DJ Pierre VS Louie Vega, Milk & Sugar, Lisaat & Voltaxx and Olav Basoski. My label Audiodamage is doing very well, with forthcoming releases by Jesse Voorn, Nathan C, Muzikjunki and many more."