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We ask what AN21 is wearing...

What are you wearing right now?
“I’m wearing my new favourite leather windbreaker by En|Noir that I bought at Barneys here in LA. This jacket was actually a collaboration with Jay Z and 100% of the sales go straight to the Shawn Carter Foundation. So instead of feeling guilty about buying an expensive jacket I told myself it was for the kids. Together with that I’m supporting the Swedish brand Acne with my skinny black jeans and their ‘Measure’ t-shirt, also in black. And to top it all off I got some incredible leather sneakers also by En|Noir. Today is the first time I’m wearing them and I must say they make me feel pretty confident and cool.”

How would you describe your style?
“I think that I’m a very simple guy when it comes to fashion. I probably have over 50 Acne t-shirts in black and white and plenty of jeans from Acne in black and blue. Actually I have a pair of bold yellow jeans as well! I put most of my shopping time into finding that exclusive jacket that makes you more confident than Obama.”

Describe an outfit you remember from as far back into your childhood as possible…
“Actually the first one I remember is more of a costume than an outfit. I don’t remember how old I was, but I was a kid and loved to run around in my Ninja Turtles costume. I can’t seem to recall which one of them was my favourite, but I think it was the blue guy. Leonardo?”

Who is your favourite designer?
“Definitely the innovative Rob Garcia from En|Noir. Everything he does is cutting-edge and just brave in a sense. Plus Steve [Angello] just got involved in the brand, so I can’t wait for the new collection to come out!”

What is your favourite boutique?
“I want shopping to be quick, so my favourite store is Barneys here in LA. It’s just huge and has a lot of brands that I’ve never even heard of. There’s nothing better than going to a one-stop-shop, so I usually go once every now and then and buy everything I need.”

What is your most treasured item of clothing or jewellery and why is it so precious to you?
“My brother introduced me to a lot of fantastic stuff in my lifetime but one of the less good ones is the hobby of collecting watches. It’s a pricey one. I feel really naked if I’m not wearing one. And yes my favourite one is black. Why do I always dress black? Is it depressing?”

What are you currently working on?
“2014 is going to be a lot more music-intense for me, which means that I will be releasing a lot more music than I’ve done in the past. And most is going to be my own solo records, which I’m really excited about. I haven’t done that in the past so it’s challenging! People think that me and Max are splitting up when we say that, but that’s not the case. So stay tuned!”