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Exclusive wardrobe access!

What are you wearing right now?

“I like clean, functional pieces and on stage, I'm a fan of all black. Usually it's an all black long-sleeved Dickies cotton shirt, simple Levis all black 501s and my Jordan 3 all black flips. Off stage, I'm a bit more adventurous with colours; however, really big, bold, bright colours tend not to suit me. My big extravagance is my trainers. I have over 155 pairs, and will normally start an outfit with the footwear choice first.”

How would you describe your style?

“I guess my style is best described as no-frills street. I can't really say that I'm influenced by one particular person or brand's look, as I'm more of a fan of teaming different brands together. There are a lot of pieces I'd love to get away with, but need to eat a few less pies to be able to wear first!”

Who is your favourite designer/label?

“I recently discovered the UK brand Known. I guess I'd describe them as a much more youthful and UK Stussy. I'm a big fan of their clean, simple understated pieces and hope to maybe collaborate with them one day. The designer that takes up most of my wardrobe, though, is Ralph Lauren. The Polo pieces are absolutely timeless, and the limited edition seasonal bits make it all the more collectable and exclusive without being pretentious. If only I had more money!”

What is your favourite boutique/store?

“I tend to do most of my shopping online, to be honest, in stores such as Urban Industry, Caliroots and Flight Club. I do like to import pieces from the States by buying online, however, I'm not a massive fan of the customs charges. In person, I love the guys in the Candy Store, as their customer service game is always on-point — the complete opposite to when I recently went into Colette in Paris. While the clothes and shoes in there were amazing, I was hit with typical Parisian customer service, so walked out only with a Keith Haring candle!”

Tell us about your sunglasses…

“Being a prescription glasses wearer, it takes me a while to find a pair of non-prescription glasses that really work for me. I should really get prescription sunglasses, but as I need a prism lens, my choices may be limited. At the moment, I'm mainly wearing a pair of Carrera Pocket Flag 3s. However, I've also got some Ray Ban Justins if I lose them.”

What is your most treasured item?

“Other than the lovely and expensive watch my wife bought me for my birthday, and of course my wedding ring, it's probably my pair of Nike Air Jordan Spizike Bordeauxs. As I said, I've got over 155 pairs of trainers, but out of those, only three pairs have never been out the box, and out of those, my favourite are the Bordeauxs. I'm waiting for a very special day to pull those ones out!”

What are you currently working on?

“Other than my Radio 1 and 1Xtra shows, my main focus is my Speakerbox brand. Summer will see more releases from the label, and also hopefully a compilation. As a DJ, I'm going to be playing at 16 festivals, five of them will be on my own Speakerbox stages, plus we've got some big things planned in the Balearics, so it's going to be busy!"