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We find out what's in Reeps One's closet4

What are you wearing right now?

"A glow-in-the-dark skeleton onesie and a snapback, holding a red mug filled with sweet Earl Grey. What I wear when I'm relaxing."

How would you describe your style? 

"I think I've definitely been influenced by streetwear, I love bold simple ideas, cutting even. It's best to be onstage with symbolism in my opinion, it's striking, but I've learnt that sometimes it's a little too striking. After a picture went online of me wearing a t-shirt a friend gave me, a number of my fans wholeheartedly believe I'm in the Illuminati, I just find it funny. I also hoard hats. I love hats."

Describe an outfit you remember from as far back into your childhood as possible...

"Being naked apart from wearing shoes and socks. No idea why but three-year-old Reeps thought that was the funniest thing in the world."

Who is your favourite designer?

"I don't have a favourite. I love to support independent brands like Second Son, Any Forty, Yes No Maybe, the list goes on. To wear one person’s ideas too much... I feel you lose your identity."

What is your favourite boutique/store?

"I've been shopping in a few global spots now, NY, Tokyo, but my favourite shop was in Tel Aviv. A small boutique called Zeef — they made one-offs. I got a blue rain Mac covered in designs. I still get asked where I got it from."

What is your most treasured item?

"I was given a necklace by a friend I sadly lost, she told me it would keep me safe when I was traveling. This was way before my music popped off, she said she felt I would 'be seeing a lot of the world one day' and I never take it off."

What are you currently working on?

"I've written my first-ever single, and my last track that was only online made it on to BBC Radio 1, the first time ever for a solo beat boxer. No layers or gimmicks, just music. I also have my first-ever art exhibition at 'London Newcastle' in Shoreditch next month from March 18th. I never stop creating. I can't."