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Master Tracks XC

It would appear in this day an age unless you’ve got a pair of headphones named after you, you’re not cutting it in the big wide world of studio production. There has been Dre and his Beats, 50 Cent, even Ludicrous has got in on the act with his Soul headphones and for those who like to be a bit more distinguished there has even been AKGs Quincy Jones Studio specific headphone. So it comes as no surprise that DJ/Producer of the moment Calvin Harris has jumped onboard this endorsement gravy train.

Sol Republic has teamed up with Calvin Harris to ‘change the world one listener at a time’  as they put it, with their first professional-calibre headphone, the Sol Republic Master Tracks XC, studio tuned by the man himself. The Master Tracks XC have been created to deliver sound that’s acoustically accurate for music artists to use in the studio, as well as behind the decks or simple out on the streets. The stylish, lightweight design of the Tracks XC makes for a cool looking pair of headphones that will also deliver professional-grade sound. 

As Calvin points out "These headphones were created to have professional sound quality so you can make music anywhere and it will sound just like it was made in the studio. And if it sounds good on the headphones, you know it’s going to sound good at the club.” 

Now for the sweet part, here’s your chance to win a pair of Sol Republic’s Calvin Harris Master Track XC’s - send your details to [email protected] and a lucky winner will be plucked out of the hat.