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Doctor Cockbloctopus is the psycho-squid alter ego of Danny Native, known to dancefloor degenerates as Altered Natives.

Dreamt as a hammer horror version of Saw VI (the most violent of all the Saw movies) re-enacted on a London council estate, 'NHS#1' is less a mixtape album, more a scrapbook of newspaper cuttings kept by a sociopathic surgeon... with tentacles.

Drawing upon similar touch points to those of his 'Tenement Yard' series and made up only of his own material, the mix cherry picks fragments of footwork, jungle, dubstep, acid and techno in order to bring his dark urban comic book world to life.

Featuring the odd MC skit and spoof telephone recording (see receptionist responding to “Mrs Swalloooow Cocks”), even the Grange Hill theme tune gets a re-edit.

And before you get upset, it's not meant to be taken seriously — even if the beats are as sick as Cockblocktopus' mental state.

Have an exclusive first listen on us (medical consultation not included)...


NHS#1 Altered Natives Presents...


1. New Receptionist intro

2. Life Is

3. Cockbloctodamus

4. Resent Validate

5. Killing Kings

6. 8 Hand Pussy Pop

7. DOOM Hill

8. Faulty Lightbitch

9. Desolate (on the couch)

10. The Heart

11. Pop Bottles (Tonys Theme)

12. Cumbug

13. Unconnected

14. Wannabeez

15. Fresh Start

16. Tequilas Theme

17. The Legend of Wong Fei Hung vs Doctor Cockbloctopus

18. Money Shower Pussy Power

19. Popcorn

20. Final Diagnosis

21. Myfanwy's Opinion Outro