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You can now buy records via the Discogs iOS app

Version 2.0 also has VinylHub integration... 

You can now buy records via the Discogs iOS app thanks to a new update

Music diggers using Apple's iPhone should be delighted at the news, not least as those on the Android operating system have been able to do this since January. 

This means it's now possible to search around 40million pieces of vinyl currently listed on the Discogs marketplace, and order from 80,000 sellers. 

In the past the app would direct anyone looking to make purchases to a dedicated mobile site. Version 2.0 will offer a seamless experience, and is also integrated with VinylHub, the Discogs sister site which has user-generated listings for more than 7,000 record shops worldwide. 

Earlier this month the most expensive sale in the history of Discogs took place, with a rare original copy of Prince's 'The Black Album' (AKA 'The Funk Bible') going for an eye-watering $27,500, breaking the previous record of $15,000 for another copy of the same LP. The release has a checkered history, being withdrawn a week before hitting stores in 1988 at the request of the artist, who is said to have believed the work was "evil". It subsequently went on sale in 1994 as a limited edition before being deleted two months later. More affordable wax can be found in this list of the most collected techno on the platform during 2017