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Trilogy of new EPs kick starts auspicious producer

Youandewan is one of those producers who seems to have been on the cusp of breaking though into the big time for years. Although he is in no rush, the first half of 2013 will go a long way to making that a reality. It started with a first full solo EP for 2 years on Hypercolour, is backed up this month by a new EP for Secretsundaze and will be followed by another on Will Saul’s Simple later in the year.With a choice back catalogue that also includes remixes of Gerry Read and Maya Jane Coles, his is certainly a case of quality over quantity.

I grew up in a pretty classical musical environment with my Mum being a pianist and teacher. She encouraged me to pick up and learn instruments, learn theory etc” he says. As is often the case though, it was an older sibling and her tape collection that turned young Ewan onto electronic music. “I remember the tapes being pretty hardcore but I vividly remember skipping back and forth to a 909 drum roll and thinking ‘how is this music put together? What equipment do you need?’

Citing the boom of the internet and “growing pubes” as a catalyst for gaining a greater understanding, it wasn’t long before his (now regretted) prog’ inclined release ‘1988’ got picked up and caned (then re-released by Defected) and Skream came calling for two garage and bass leaning cuts for his influential Disfigured Dubz label. Deep house à la Fred P, Mike Huckaby or Anton Zap is now more his MO, though, as evidence by the cuddly deep, implied rhythms and aqueous atmospheres of the insular and mopey music he is releasing in 2013.

It’s taken a while to get my shiz together and earn bits of money to buy stuff I needed” he muses. “I sometimes wish I’d been a little more patient and mature about it because I’ve been releasing music while still learning how to make it properly.”