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Your Top 100 DJs Awards

Everyone wants a piece of the action

Our Top 100 DJs awards this year have caused a bit of a stir this year, haven’t they? To put it mildly…

The trance family is outraged that their man Armin is no longer at the top, while others are appalled that there are no female DJs in the Top 100 chart. Remember, people: the Top 100 DJs poll is a PUBLIC VOTE. DJmag itself didn’t decide this list, or omit all female DJs or anybody else on purpose at all. We didn’t produce this chart, it was all decided by the votes of the international clubbing fraternity – 600,000 of you, in still the most definitive dance music poll there is.

It seems like everyone has an opinion on who should be in the list – who should be higher, and who shouldn’t be in there at all. But at the end of it all, it’s the people that decide, and the only way to change it next year is to mobilise your scene to vote for your favourites – if they were overlooked this year.

Many DJs dream of making it into the Top 100 DJs poll, and DJmag is offering any DJ with a bit of a following the chance to buy a piece of this dream. To find out where you appeared in this year’s poll, simply go to:

You can then buy a personalised award for yourself (or your popular DJ mate) for a very reasonable price. Why not surprise your DJ friend for Christmas with a ‘427th Most Popular DJ in the World’ award, or whatever? All personalised awards will be engraved accordingly, and sent to your doorstep.

A full directory of contacts for all the Top 100 DJs is just one of the features in the DJ Blackbook, which we can announce is now available as an Android App (an iPhone version will be available in December). DJ Blackbook lists contact details for the Top 100 DJs, the Top 100 Clubs, hundreds of record labels, DJ agents, music lawyers, CD duplicators, producers… thousands upon thousands of crucial industry contacts can be at your fingertips for just £9.95. Download at