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New improved third version

Finding a vocalist to use on your potential dancefloor-busting killer tune isn’t quite as easy as it seems, as to every Adele there are a hundred Cheryl Coles. So what is a budding producer to do when Adele and Aretha are not in the phone book? Well Zero G have an answer — Avanna, the third installation of their virtual vocalist sample library/software.

Vocalist sample libraries are not new and have been around for a while, but whilst at the beginning it was obvious that a computer was behind the voice, in this day and age it is really difficult to actually tell. The way it works is that the vocal to be sung can be inputted via vocal editor software which can add breaths, harmonics, and all sorts of vocal expressions. Avanna is Zero-G's first release for the new 'Vocaloid 3' engine, and can be used in various musical genres.

It's worth checking out how realistic 'Vocaloid 3' is on the Time and Space website. It will be a surprising experience! With a bit of time and well-programmed expression, Avanna may just be your next diva-less singer. The only downside is it is PC-only, so Mac users will have to put up with the rejects from X Factor for a little while longer...

Zero-G's Vocaloid 3 is avaliable now from priced at £79.95.