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Euphoric hardstyle, uplifting
Best known for: 
The catchy vocals I have in my tracks, because I want people to yell with me and sing all the lyrics.
Tune of the year: 
Psyko Punkz 'The Word
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2011: 
Da Tweekaz
What's the future of DJing: 
“I think the memory chip. The future is all technical
Favourite app: 
Tiny Wings. You don't have to do anything except push on your screen.
Discovery of the year: 
I've just been to Sydney and I never went to Australia, the feeling of the whole city is really great.
Rediscovery of the year: 
Headhunterz 'Forever Is One', it's a really cool track that has a good vibe, the kicks are really amazing in it.
Awkward Moment: 
I was on stage recently and a Jagermeister reindeer - a guy dressed like one - stole my headphones and he was mixing instead of me.
Style or substance: 
“Let's go for style. Every style of music is something special, if I listen in my car I put on some house, some hip-hop, some trance, every style has its own good vibe
Pet Hate: 
“If my computer fails again for the thousandth time in a day, I have to go out of the room or I'll smash it to pieces. I cannot get mad at people, but I do at electronic devices