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“If I have to define a style, I would say house music!”
Tune of the year: 
“'Turn The Lights Out' feat. Mikkel Solnado.”
Breakthrough DJ/producer of 2015: 
What’s the most important skill a DJ should have?: 
“In addition to good technique, it’s essential that the artist knows how to communicate with his public and never lose his humility.”
Is the future still bright for EDM?: 
“Honestly I don't think so, the songs have become very repetitive and I think people are getting bored of it!”
Does the constant travelling and DJ lifestyle ever take its toll on you mentally?: 
“The only toll it can take on me is the increase of responsibility to do my best not to disappoint the fans and the people who hire me.”
What cause is closest to your heart?: 
“I cannot stand cruelty to animals and people who cannot defend themselves.”
Which club would you like to bring back from the dead?: 
“Locomia brought the greatest DJs from around the world to Portugal. I played there with Carl Cox, it was one of the best parties of my life.”
Why aren’t there more women in the Top 100 DJs poll?: 
“I think in the past being a DJ was seen as a profession of men. But nowadays the talent of women DJs such as Nervo, Magda and Maya Jane Coles is unquestionable.”
What do you think of DJs who use ghost producers?: 
"It gives me much joy playing my own songs and seeing the reaction of the crowd. People who use ghost producers maybe will never know that feeling — and I feel sorry for them.”