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“Big room with Indian vocals.”
Best known for: 
“Bollywood mash-ups.”
Tune of the year: 
“'Lean On'.”
Mumbai, India
Breakthrough DJ/producer of 2015: 
What’s the most important skill a DJ should have?: 
“Any DJ has to know how to read his/her audience.”
Is the future still bright for EDM?: 
“The country where I come from, EDM is still on the rise. With pop stars and film stars willing to lend their brand to EDM, it definitely looks like EDM still has a LONG way to go!”
Does the constant travelling and DJ lifestyle ever take its toll on you mentally?: 
“Mentally possibly not, but it definitely does take a toll on the health.”
What cause is closest to your heart?: 
“I've come across a lot of fans who due to their financial status can't pursue their love for music. To counter this, I’ve set up a music school in Mumbai where we give out a lot of scholarships to passionate students who find it difficult to pay their fees.”
Which club would you like to bring back from the dead?: 
“None currently, I'm absolutely in love with all the venues I've played at in India and internationally.”
Why aren’t there more women in the Top 100 DJs poll?: 
“I'm sure that a lot of artists from India — male and female — will participate now that we've managed to break the stereotype. I've come across some really talented women DJs out there.”
What do you think of DJs who use ghost producers?: 
“Everyone has their own personal choices, I'm not one to comment on them.”