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Best known for: 
'Another Chance'
Tune of the year: 
“Roger Sanchez 'Worldwide'
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2011: 
What's the future of DJing: 
We'll be DJing on light-projected software soon - like in the movie Minority Report!
Favourite app: 
My Roger Sanchez App, of course!
Discovery of the year: 
The Jawbone Jambox - great sound in a sexy little box that also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker for your phone.
Rediscovery of the year: 
MK 'Burning'. I've always loved this track and I've been looping it and dropping it during my darker, techier sets.
Awkward Moment: 
My daughter randomly asking me for a Black Card while we were shopping - she's four-years-old!
Style or substance: 
Substance. Something can look good and not work, which is useless. I'd rather have the thing that works.
Pet Hate: 
Cigarettes, I can't stand them! I'm allergic to them and they just smell disgusting, especially on a waiter's breath while he is serving you.