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Tech house/progressive house.
Best known for: 
Privilege Ibiza, Ushuaïa and the This Is Ibiza radio show.
Tune of the year: 
Avicii 'Levels'
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2011: 
Luciano. He has brought out an essence in Ibiza which wasn't there before.
What's the future of DJing: 
A very promising future.
Favourite app: 
Angry Birds. Thousands of hours playing in hotels and airports around the world.
Discovery of the year: 
Sydney, Australia… And the restaurant 'B.For', the best sushi in Ibiza.
Rediscovery of the year: 
Lipps Inc. 'Funky Town'. Perfect to mix with a good loop of tech house.
Awkward Moment: 
I was once arrested in New York because my name was similar to a highly wanted offender.
Style or substance: 
The important thing is finding a balance between them.
Pet Hate: 
Envy - something we must fight every day.