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Forward-thinking electronic music
Best known for: 
Plastikman, Plus 8, Minus, Contakt and the convergence of music and technology
Tune of the year: 
Plastikman 'Slinky'
Gig of 2010: 
Weekend Club in Berlin
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2010: 
Seth Troxler
Best new club visited this year: 
Clorofilla in Italy
Favourite non-dance album of 2010: 
Lesley Flanagin 'Amplifications'
Essential three suitcase tour items: 
Skipping rope (health), favourite ripped blue jeans (comfortable), pyjamas for long-haul flights (SLEEP!)
Which actor would play you in a film of your life: 
Travelling, meeting old friends, and making new ones, all because of good music
Best thing about being a DJ: 
A young Mark Hamill
Best end-of-the-night tune: 
Marc Kinchen/4th Measure Man '4 You'