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“Progressive trance: a little aggressive but always with soul.”
Best known for: 
"Trancemission radio show and Trancemission festival.”
Tune of the year: 
“The W&W remix of Armin van Buuren feat Trevor Guthrie ‘This Is What It Feels Like.”
“DJs like Avicii, Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, David Guetta and others are very expensive, but I think that’s okay.”
Have DJs' fees got out of hand?: 
“David Guetta has been the main one to mix pop singers such as Rihanna, Sia and others with house music and it’s given a great push to the industry.”
Has dance music become the new pop?: 
“An eagle with eyesight, sharp talons and the ability to fly high.”
If you could be any animal, what would you be?: 
“If they want to — go ahead. People love ‘heart hands’.”
Should DJs do "heart hands": 
“I think it’s a very a personal thing, talking about drugs.”
Do DJs have a duty to speak out about drugs?: 
“A private jet!”