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House in all its many forms.
Best known for: 
Productions as Quivver, Tilt, Space Manoeuvres and Skanna.
Tune of the year: 
Umek 'Ricochet Effect'
Producer of 2007: 
A tie between Boris Brejcha and Lank.
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2007: 
Marcos Paz (resident at Pacha, Argentina)
Your musical inspiration: 
The sounds of Kenny's kitchen...
Best festival on the planet: 
Glastonbury - with or without mud.
Best bit of kit: 
The Muse Receptor is the best bit of kit I bought this year. It's a soft synth player and has given me shitloads more sounds to play with in the studio.
What tune makes you cry: 
Russ Abbot 'Atmosphere'
Naughtiest thing you've done this year: 
I set fire to my mate while he was driving. He saw the funny side once we'd pulled over and put his legs out...