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Unicorn-slaying trance.
Best known for: 
Slaying unicorns That's been the mantra this year. A fan came up with that and somebody posted it up and I re-tweeted it and all year long it went crazy. It turned into a whole movement
Tune of the year: 
I really hate picking my own tunes, but the track I did with Jochen Miller, 'Rotunda'.
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2011: 
What's the future of DJing: 
More crossing over.
Favourite app: 
I would say my American Airlines app, because I can check in and not even have to print out.
Discovery of the year: 
A book that I just discovered, The Autobiography of a Yogi. It's a slow read, because it's broken English, but it's so cool to read it.
Rediscovery of the year: 
Der Dritte Raum 'Hale Bopp'. This is a classic from the early days and during my long sets, I love to pull this out.
Awkward Moment: 
The time I went to the airport and realized I didn't have a gig that night, it was the next night.
Style or substance: 
Substance. Because with substance comes longevity. Styles change over the course of your career. With substance, you're constantly able to reinvent.
Pet Hate: 
Airlines and Airport Security, because they're such a big part of my life. I think I know by now that I have to take my laptop out.