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Road rage
Best known for: 
Loveparade, Mayday, bald head and techno.
Tune of the year: 
Bass Planet 'Loops'
Producer of 2007: 
Klaus 'The Mouse' Jankuhn
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2007: 
Lady Waks from Russia.
Your musical inspiration: 
Umberto Russolo's futurism, D.A.F.'s minimalism and Afrika Bambaataa's turntablism.
Best festival on the planet: 
Wire in Tokyo and Mayday in Poland.
Best bit of kit: 
My personal survival kit. But I won't tell you what's in there…
What tune makes you cry: 
'Ave Maria' sung by the boys' choir of the Norddeutscher Rundfunk.
Naughtiest thing you've done this year: 
I nearly missed service on Palm Sunday in New Jersey.