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Electronic music - trancey techno
Best known for: 
Being very passionate and committed.
Tune of the year: 
Every single track on 'In Between'.
Producer of 2007: 
Nick Terranova and Austin Leeds.
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2007: 
Austin Leeds and Nick Terranova.
Your musical inspiration: 
Life in general - everything I experience.
Best festival on the planet: 
Coachella was very special, with SW4 a close second.
Best bit of kit: 
My whole studio makes my sound! I know what my equipment can do…
What tune makes you cry: 
A piece of soul music from The English Patient, when they fly back after finding him in the desert. It's a crazy piece of music - it's so emotional.
Naughtiest thing you've done this year: 
I've had a very stressful year and I'm rather disciplined.