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Anything that makes a Frenchman jump
Best known for: 
Top-selling record 'Goodbye.
Tune of the year: 
Skrillex First Of The Year
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2011: 
What's the future of DJing: 
Video-synched DVD mixing or something like that
Favourite app: 
I actually don't use apps very often - I must be in the minority!
Discovery of the year: 
How much I love stuffed animals. Bernard the cougar is the newest member of the office.
Rediscovery of the year: 
AC/DC 'Thunderstruck (Crookers Remix)', I forgot how much this track goes off in clubs!
Awkward Moment: 
Stage-diving and having my arse mauled by… who? I've no clue, and having an arm torn off a very special jacket in the process
Style or substance: 
Substance with style - you have to have substance to be good, and it's always good to do it well
Pet Hate: 
I don't like people who think they are ten steps above everybody else.