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Andrea Oliva Ibiza: 'There is no place on earth like Ibiza'

ANTS at Ushuaïa Ibiza has become an island institution since starting out 12 years ago. DJ Mag Ibiza meets ANTS ambassador Andrea Oliva to chat the importance of Ushuaïa and the allure of the island, ahead of the ANTS closing party in October

What were your first visits to Ibiza like?

“My first visit was actually my first gig on the island, which was at Space in 2014. It was a mind-blowing experience actually, I played Space on Wednesday morning for In Bed With Space on the iconic Terrace. I stayed for a few days. I still remember how flashed I was from driving around the island and listening to Ibiza Global Radio in the car.”

What effect did the island have on you then?

“The same effect it has today! I feel in peace when I am on the island, I feel home, and I try to enjoy my life and chill as much as I can.”

Do you think Ibiza still holds its relevance in the global dance music scene?

“I think yes, there are no other places in the world like Ibiza, and no other place has made brands and the careers of DJs as big as the exposure the island gives you in every form.”

How have you seen the island evolve over the years you’ve been coming?

“It has of course changed a lot, but this happens with everything else in life. We evolve, we change as a person, but you keep certain values. For me, the same goes for Ibiza — everything evolves on the island, but Ibiza still keeps that certain magical thing. If you know, you know. If you don’t, you may have gone to many parts and never experienced the island, with everything Ibiza has to show.”


Ushuaïa Ibiza has been voted into the top 10 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs poll once again, what has it meant to you to be back once more in your Ibiza heartland?

“Incredible, when it comes to hospitality I’ve never seen a more caring and generous club in the world. The production is next level, the location, the day parties, everything is spot on. That’s why 12 years ago I decided to join the idea of having a weekly ANTS party at Ushuaïa, and I was lucky enough to help build the brand. Since day one I’m super-happy about the support I get every year from the team at Ushuaïa. It’s my home!”

And after those 12 years, your party is one of the biggest draws on the island. Can you tell us about the concept behind it from those very early days to where it is now?

“We wanted to have a party for workers and locals on the island. We wanted to celebrate the good old Ibiza ‘day’ parties and found the right day to do it — Saturdays. At the time, no one wanted to play in Ibiza on a Saturday. But I wanted to, and the risk got rewarded big time. A bit like everything in life. No risk, no fun. It’s crazy to see how it grows from year to year, and it’s even more amazing to see people understanding the philosophy behind how to give people the best experience. Everything is well balanced, the production, the dancers, the stage design, the music, the vibe!”

What are the main challenges in keeping the concept fresh and exciting after all these years?

“Having a team of creative, passionate people who want to become better and better in order to give people the best party experience ever. All this helps keep the party concept on a certain level.”

What are your Ibiza essentials, the things you have to do while on the island?

“If we forget about the parties for a second, then it’s all in on restaurants and friends. All I want to do is hang with friends in my favourite restaurants.” 

What has been your standout Ibiza moment?

“Actually, having my parents see me playing for the first time.”

Mick Wilson is DJ Mag's tech editor and editor of DJ Mag Ibiza