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Ready for the after party? WE ARE!

In our Apple Music playlist series, some of our favourite DJs guide us through a selection of their ultimate afterparty tunes. This week's selector is Breach! 

Check out why Breach carefully selected each track and listen to it in full below.

1.The Love Quadrant - 'Space Dimension Controller'
"This is a great starter for any afterparty. I tend to go in nice and easy and this also has the right amount of sleaze to it. Jack nailed this one."
2.The Gap Band - 'Messing With my mind'
"My friend kon did an edit of this recently. What a switch in groove…”There you go, deep inside my mind” doesn’t come much better than this Gap band joint."
3.Tomorrow’s people - 'Open Soul (Original long version)'
"17 and a half minutes of pure funk. Some of the solo’s just take me away to another place. And then there’s the drum break! watch out for that cowbell too. You’ll be able to spot the muso’s in the room by dropping this one." 
4. Alice Coltrane feat Pharaoh Sanders - 'Journey In Satchidananda' 
"I can listen to Alice Coltrane records all day and I also like it when things get a bit weird at my afterparties and this is a nice one to take you to a higher plane before we move onto my next choice." 
5. Robert Glasper Trio - 'Blue skies'
"One of my favourite modern pianists, with a cut from his first record. I just love the playfulness in his playing on this one. Alway’s mixing the darkness with the light." 
6. Letta Mbulu - 'What is wrong with groovin..'
"when jazzman re issued this i was so happy as was after it for ages. A great groover to get you back on your feet again."
7. Bruno Spoerri - 'Les Electroniciens'
"getting back to the weirdness now. I love how they have recorded all the noises in this. perfection."
8. Jah wobble - 'How much are they?'
"80’s disco dub perfection. Been playing this one a lot recently and i love the psychadelicness this record has."
8. Poptones - 'Public image'
"not an obvious choice for an after party but I would play this. I think they get overlooked a lot of the time, but I think Public image are a really special band that’s ever evolving."
9. The Clash - 'The cool out'
"I have played this at many after parties and also at a lot of parties in general. People are alway’s surprised when i tell them it’s a clash record."
10.Stereolab - 'French Disko'
"I first saw this on a program in the 90’s called the word. I will always love this record. I used to have a massive crush on the singer Laetitia Sadier!"  
11. Disco Inferno - 'Love stepping out'
“Who’s to argue on such a lovely night” - a song to reunite on and make up for any arguments that might have happened." 
12. Ron Trent - Making love
"On the flip of Altered states - I love this record so much. Especially nearing the end of the night." 
13.Suzanne vega - 'Tom’s diner'
"I can remember hearing this as a kid and just falling in love with this. I think it was the pads. The Ron Trent actually made me think of it. So hear it is."
14. Phil Collins - 'Another day in Paradise (2016 Remastered)'
"The Harmonies on this record are insane. Actually the whole thing is pretty much perfect and It makes me very happy."
15. LCD Soundsystem - '45.33'
"The end."