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Best of North America 2018

If you follow Adventure Club on social media, which you totally should be doing, you already know that producers Christian Srigley and Leighton James are true down-to-earth dudes. Perhaps chalk that up to their Canadian nice-guy outlook on life, which is intoxicating, eh? So, when the duo was nominated for their first-ever Grammy Award last year — for Best Remixed Recording for their rework of Kehlani’s ‘Undercover’ off her debut studio album, ‘SweetSexySavage’ — the two were completely humbled by and enamored with the moment. “It all feels like a dream,” the duo announced on Instagram via a photo of the twosome standing next to the Iguazu Falls in South America, with James praying to the sky in complete disbelief.

It’s a special moment in the Adventure Club timeline, and a well-deserved accomplishment to boot. Since first breaking through in 2010, Adventure Club have pushed through the ranks, rising from their native Montreal to become a globally in-demand touring and production act. In 2016, the duo perfected their highly stylized sound on their 2016 debut album, ‘Red // Blue’, which best encapsulates the Adventure Club sound: booming bass mixed with vivid melodies over a pop-leaning framework. That same approach on this powerful remix, in which they lift Kehlani’s seductive R&B burner into dubstep and electro house territory and mutate the track into something completely their own. It’s a winning formula that’s boosted Adventure Club into the worldwide limelight and one that continues pushing their sound into the future all these years later.

And while they didn’t take home Grammy gold this past January, Adventure Club remain tried-and-true champions. This is sure to be the first (almost) award in many to come.