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BONA2018 | Best Track: ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ Walker & Royce feat. Dances With White Girls

Best of North America 2018

Since last July, house heads have been shaking their tail feathers to Walker & Royce’s infectiously catchy hit, ‘Take Me To Your Leader’. The song that propelled the Brooklyn-based Dirtybirds to the top of the charts in 2017 remains a festival and club favorite with immense playback value all year. Perhaps it’s because it covers all the popular topics of party conversation: tequila, pill-popping, evil parents and – you guessed it – alien contact. The sunny, retro-inspired swells, groovy bassline and smooth-talking vocals supplied by fellow New Yorker, Dances With White Girls (of Chris Lake’s ‘Operator’ fame) provide an upbeat break from life and have helped make ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ a must on any space-bound mixtape. The radio edit ride is just over three minutes long, but the “out of this world” tale the track delivers is likely to stick with listeners for light years to come.

“‘Take Me To Your Leader’ was one of the first songs that we finished for our album, ‘Self Help’, but we knew right away that it was going to be the first single,” Sam Walker and Gavin Royce tell DJ Mag. “Dances With White Girls delivered a vocal that was so memorable and strong, it made the whole process a breeze. We are really honored that it has made such an impact."