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DJ Mag Top 100 Festivals 2024: record-breaking numbers vote in our annual poll of the world’s best festivals

Analysing the key trends from the voting in this year’s DJ Mag Top 100 Festivals poll

A record-breaking number of votes were recorded in the DJ Mag Top 100 Festivals poll this year.

North America was the continent that submitted the most votes, followed by Europe, Asia, South America, Oceania and Africa. In terms of countries, the USA recorded the most votes in 2024, followed by the UK, India, Thailand, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Romania, China (which recorded votes via a dedicated platform) and Belgium.

The festivals that appear in 2024’s top 10 remain largely unchanged from last year’s poll, with EDC Las Vegas, Untold Festival and Creamfields all gaining ground to place within the top five. Kappa FuturFestival is also up four spots to place in the top 10 for the first time. Elsewhere, Terminal V has risen 33 places to No. 44 as this year’s highest climber, and Untold Dubai places at No. 45 as 2024’s highest new entry.

As suggested in the votes delivered above, North America and Europe dominate the top 20, with only Sunburn Festival — the highest placing festival in Asia at No. 11 — appearing from outside those two continents. As the winner of this year’s poll, Tomorrowland is also the highest placing festival in Europe, with EDC Las Vegas the highest in North America at No. 2, Creamfields Chile the highest in South America at No. 73, Beyond The Valley the highest festival in Oceania at No. 92, and Oasis the top placed festival in Africa at No. 99.

Cinching the No. 1 spot for the fourth time, and a third consecutive year, is Tomorrowland: a testament to the Belgian festival’s continued commitment to pushing the boundaries of production, imagination and curation. Stretching across not just one, but two, jam-packed weekends each July, Tomorrowland brings together the biggest names in electronic music, alongside groundbreaking stage design and world-building concepts.

“Tomorrowland is a passion, a passion of over 200 people working every day to create the magic,” Debby Wilmsen, Tomorrowland’s press relations and internal communications lead, shared when finding out about the festival topping the poll. “This year we will celebrate LIFE, the theme is a prequel of the Spirit of Life from 2016. A brand new Main Stage will be introduced at the Belgian festival but also other themes will relive and their stories will be told.”

With over 40 UK festivals cancelled, postponed or permanently dissolved ahead of 2024's season, according to a report from the AIF, it’s never felt more important or timely to celebrate all that festivals both large and small bring to our lives through their celebration of music, dancing and togetherness.

The latest numbers from AIF, which represents 202 festivals across the UK, ranging from 500 to 80,000 capacity, show that 172 events have ceased operations completely over the past five years. This includes 96 lost to the pandemic, 36 in 2023, and another 40 so far this year — 21 of which had been called off by late-March. Many more are now thought to be on the cusp of collapse, with analysts warning that unless targeted support is provided up to 100 could bow out by December.

"The speed of festival casualties in 2024 shows no sign of slowing. We are witnessing the steady erosion of one of the UK’s most successful and culturally significant industries not because of a lack of demand from the public but because of unpredictable, unsustainable supply chain costs and market fluctuations,” said AIF CEO John Rostron. "In asking for a temporary reduction in VAT related to ticket sales, we have provided the Government with a considered, targeted and sensible solution, which would save this important sector. We need action now.”

Find out more information and donate to the 5% For Festivals campaign here

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