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Dominik Eulberg: Desert Island Kit

The minimal mogul reveals his studio go-to

With his latest album 'Mannigfaltig' on !K7, Dominik Eulberg revelled in his reputation as a minimal master, crafting and carving sonics using sparse space and melody unpinned with a solid kick drum. We spoke to the German producer about his go-to studio kit. 

FabFilter pro MB

"At the moment [it's] the simple FabFilter Pro-MB. This is a very intuitive multiband dynamics processing VST-Plugin.

"Thanks to an interactive multiband display you can clearly view what you’ve done and it has a wonderful workflow. You can easily create a band at the frequency range you want to work on. The rest of the spectrum stays untouched. I love the look-ahead function, so you can work very surgically. It sounds extremely clear, no pre-ringing or anything. You can also use it for mid-only or side-only processing, which gives you crazy editing possibilities."

"I used the Pro-MB in every track on my new album 'Mannigfaltig' on !K7. It is my most-used plugin. I think I've used about 40-50 of them per project because in my music almost everything is sidechained by everything. This creates an incredibly organic sound that never sounds linear. I also use the plugin to keep the bass-spectrum clean. So I create low-frequency bands that are then sidechained by the kick drum or the bassline. This gives you a solid framework in the sound. I also use it to give certain frequencies the space they need, so lead melodies sidechain in their main spectrum pads for example.

"Almost every DAW has a multiband-compressor on board but I love the clarity and simplicity of the Pro-MB."