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Get To Know: Adiel

From: Rome, Italy
For Fans Of: DJ Red, Anthony Linell, Donato Dozzy
Three Tunes: ‘The Call’, ‘Cavallina’, ‘Melodica’

“My music is about being myself,” says Adiel, the Italian DJ and producer, of her dub techno, which is mesmerising and ecstatic in equal measure. Blending tribal percussion, eerie atmospheres and spellbinding rhythms, the Goa Club resident has crafted a signature sound that has not only made her a key part of the local scene, but also introduced her to the international dance music circuit. With recent gigs at Circoloco, Berghain, Afterlife and Dekmantel, and a string of stellar releases on her own imprint, Danza Tribale, it’s clear the Rome native’s upward momentum isn’t going to slow anytime soon. 

With her latest creation, the ‘Musicofilia’ EP, just released on Kangding Ray’s new label, ara, Adiel says that her music “reflects the way I am feeling at that precise moment”. She wrote the EP after reading neurologist Oliver Sacks’ book Musicophilia: Tales Of Music And The Brain. “I slowly discovered neuroscience and the relation between the mind and the auditory organs, the way our mind can get through its injuries and heal them with music,” explains Adiel.

Music has always been an important part of the Rome native’s life. Having dedicated 15 years to classical ballet, she says she learned a lot from the experience. “It taught me how to deal with myself, how to be strong and how to do things with dedication and passion” — an ethos that heavily influenced her initial attitude towards DJing. When it comes to dance music, Adiel names Goa Club founder Giancarlino as her biggest influence. In addition to inspiring her “to approach music in so many different ways”, he also taught her that electronic music should “connect people blindly and unconditionally, unite them through love and friendship, and make them enjoy their differences”.

Goa Club has also played a pivotal role in Adiel’s life. Having always felt connected to the venue, she describes it as “the best school I could ever have”. After having her introduction to club culture at Goa, Adiel started working at the venue. Meanwhile, she also practiced DJing for seven or eight hours straight while the club was closed, though she wasn’t dreaming of becoming a globe-trotting DJ at the time. “Honestly, when I started, I didn’t want to become a DJ, or never dreamed to be,” she says. “I just liked to spin records, and somehow I found myself being technically able to mix after a few explanations, and was able to perceive a sound that I later defined as ‘my own’ and started playing with.”

With a forthcoming collaboration with Anthony Linell on Danza Tribale, and a track on the ‘Dystopian 10 Years Compilation’ on the horizon, along with gigs at ADE, Photon and Fabric, it’s clear we’re yet to see what Adiel is capable of.