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A guide to Miami Music Week by the artists playing our 2023 pool party

We caught up with some of the artists playing our Miami pool party — ACRAZE, Cassy, Dombresky, Heidi Lawden, Jaden Thompson, Kasia, LP Giobbi, Purple Disco Machine and Mau P — to ask them for their Miami plans and tips

Miami Music Week is happening this week (22nd-26th March), with things kicking off at our annual Miami pool party tomorrow (22nd March).

We caught up with some of the artists playing the event — ACRAZE, Cassy, Dombresky, Dom Dolla, Heidi Lawden, Jaden Thompson, Kasia, LP Giobbi, Purple Disco Machine and Mau P — to ask them for their Miami plans tips, which you can read below.

Our Miami Music Week pool party takes place at the Sagamore Hotel as part of the Epic Pool Parties series, which lasts from 22nd to 26th March. As well as hosting the opening party, DJ Mag will be presenting the parties at the venue throughout the week. 

The full line-up for the series, including DJ Mag’s own party on 22nd March, include global house mainstays Defected on Thursday 23rd, Nick Warren's The Soundgarden on Friday 24th, The Epic Pool Party with a special b2b from Danny Tenaglia and Seth Troxler on Saturday 25th, and Glitterbox on Sunday 26th.

Five-day passes for the series are available now for $250, while info on tickets and VIP tables for the series are available via the Epic Pool Party website.

DJ Mag beach ball in a pool
Where’s the best place to relax and unwind between parties? 

Acraze: “I like to go somewhere quiet, like a rooftop bar. There’s a rooftop bar right next to SLS Beach Club called Watr. I think it’s really cool, you can grab a nice drink there and overlook the whole Miami scene.”

Cassy: “I would say a spa, massage steam room or gym or yoga, and SLEEP! We never get enough sleep that week.”

Dombresky: “The hotel pool, like The Standard, it’s 21-plus and the spa is amazing with the ocean-front pool, and of course a big, good nap in my own bed.”

Heidi Lawden: “The beach; often I’ll get right off the plane, drop my bags, go direct to the beach. I live in California and you can’t drink on the beach here, so yeah a cocktail ‘n’ nap in the sun. On the other end of the scale, a basketball game. I’ve seen a few in Miami; I saw the Heat beat the Lakers pretty bad when they had the big three: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. I love yelling and screaming at a game to blow off steam and unwind.” 

Jaden Thompson: “Soho Beach House for sure, it’s my favourite place to chill either by the pool or on the beach with a Picante.”

Kasia: “I love to relax and unwind at Setai Beach. I usually get my lunch there. They have yummy fresh food and the best coconuts in town and the view over the beach — what else can you dream of? After lunch I like to also chill there on the beach, have a drink, read my favourite book and just connect with nature.”

LP Giobbi: “This is very dependent on where in the world I am, but I suppose the most common place I relax and unwind in between parties is my hotel room on a facetime with my family.” 

Mau P: “Probably at the pool, the best cure for hangovers. Just beware any pool parties happening at that specific pool.” 

Purple Disco Machine: “A nice shady spot by the pool is just what I need to relax. Especially with the cold and grey weather we have in Germany at the moment, spending some time in a warmer climate feels like recharging batteries.

Burger and chips on a table
Where’s your favourite place to eat in Miami?

Acraze: “Papi Steak is really good. If you buy like a thousand-dollar steak they bring out this massive show, they shut the lights off, the DJ plays a certain song you want. It’s crazy, ’cause when I went there they actually played ‘Do It To It’ like three or four times. It was really funny, ’cause people have to request the song, and by the third time I heard it I got up and started dancing. Zuma’s a really good spot too, they have fish and sushi and stuff like that.”

Cassy: “I only know hotel restaurants. I like the Standard restaurant and the Edition Hotel Restaurant. They have a good variety of things — something for everyone.”

Dombresky: “Pura Vida, they make a fresh squeeze juice which brings me right back to life.”

Heidi Lawden: “My favourite is Puerto Sagua. I’ve been going there every single Miami trip. Breakfast, lunch, dinner — they have it all covered. My other favourite is Croissant Show, they make delicious and giant sandwiches and juices. I’m not really much of a fancy restaurant gal.”

Jaden Thompson: “Uchi — they do amazing sushi and sake. Also, I love Casa Tua in Brickell.”

LP GIobbi: “My favourite place to eat in Miami is in my bed at W South Beach, ordering room service as I’ve most likely been out all night.”

Kasia: “LPM Miami, it’s literally a five-minute walk from my place. The food is always 10/10 and the products they use are all organic, which is very important for me. Another spot is KVU Miami — always great service, more low-key vibe, good atmosphere and the food is out of this world. I’m more than obsessed with their oven-baked cauliflower with wasabi sauce — you have to try it out if you’re in Miami.”

Mau P: “I’m a sucker for sushi — so I’ll probably hit up the best sushi restaurant in town this year.” 

Purple Disco Machine: “I haven’t spent enough time in Miami yet to share a favourite place, but any place with fresh, healthy, tasty food is what I love when being on the road."

A Funktion One speaker
Where’s the best spot for an afterparty?

Acraze:“It depends what you call an afterparty. If you’re trying to go out to a club, then Space is the only way. I’ve had many benders in Space with my hoody on and glasses. I played E11even, which is a strip club in Miami, on New Year’s Day and after my set at 7am we went to see Solomun, me and my team, until like 7pm the next day. I go to more penthouse parties in South Beach, like if somebody has a big house or something like that. I haven’t been to any underground warehouse parties in Miami yet, so I’m curious to what this Miami Music Week brings.”

Cassy: “Deuce Bar [Mac’s Club Deuce] with your friends.”

Dombresky:House parties, always house parties. They are more intimate and [there are] no rules! Everyone’s just in a different mood, it’s different energy. Just free to feel good.”

Heidi Lawden: “Whoever has the biggest room haha! I’ve been to some epic afterparties in Miami hotel suites. Oh and Space, that club is a must visit every trip for me, chances are it’s open.” 

Jaden Thompson:“Club-ish at my friend Meedo’s house! It’s a super intimate club room with a perfectly tuned sound system.”

Kasia: “If you’re in the mood for some adventure, never-ending rave hours and dancing cardio, Club Space is always an answer!”

LP Giobbi: “I love me a house party so preferably a house with some DJ decks in it."

Mau P: “My hotel room.”

Purple Disco Machine: “I’m not an after-party guy, to be honest. I prefer the hotel for a decent night of sleep."

Sunglasses with blue frames
Where’s the best place to get a new outfit?

Acraze: “They have a whole street — Brickell City Centre. The Miami Design District, they have really cool stuff there. You’ll find a lot of vintage stuff in Miami. I like to go where they have Louis Vuitton and Gucci, ’cause usually they have cool underground shops that you’ve never seen before. I like to go to stuff like that when I’m bouncing in and out of Gucci.”

Cassy:“No idea... I don’t have time for shopping in Miami!”

Dombresky: “KITH in South Beach. They have the best sneakers there.”

Heidi Lawden: “I used to always hit INTERMIX and the vintage stores, also all those cheap bathing suit stores you see everywhere have some great finds for the beach. My schedule can be a bit hectic at home, so I’m kinda renowned for getting my shopping in whenever I’m in Miami, if I’m heading home to LA after. If I’m headed elsewhere then I can’t quite shop so much.”

Jaden Thompson:“Daily — it’s a cool reseller store in Wynwood and they have pretty much everything. Great for finding cool tees.”

Kasia: “Brickell shopping centre — you have so many stores located in one shopping mall, which will save you a lot of time walking around the city. You can find literally everything there in any budget, starting from the popular chain-store brands to the high-end ones.”

LP Giobbi: “Local vintage store. I guess it's not technically new but it's new to you!”

Mau P: “I’ve been to Kith in Miami once before. That was dope.”

Purple Disco Machine: “I absolutely love shopping, and I’m always on the hunt for colourful shirts. I have a big collection already, and I love to find new treasures all over the world. Vintage stores are usually a great place.”

A crowd by the pool at a Miami pool party
What’s your top tip for surviving Miami Music Week (MMW)?

Acraze: “Lots of water, Pedialyte, vitamins… every time I go to Miami, I have my guy who does my IVs every fucking morning. There was actually one time where I had him come to the club and give me an IV, which is really funny. Hydrate a lot and make sure you’re eating too.”

Cassy:“Electrolytes, food, naps.”

Dombresky:“Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, IV drip, at least one big meal per day. And just keeping the music going to keep the energy high.”

Heidi Lawden: “Hmm there’s a couple ways to do it. Pace yourself, wear sunscreen, drink water, hit the ocean and stretch, or just power through, stay a day or two at the end of the whole thing to recuperate. I’m not sure if IVs are a thing in Miami but I’m sure they are; if you’re really hurting book one of those and remind yourself nobody remembers the nights they got lots of sleep, and say it over and over like a mantra — you’ll be feeling better in no time.”

Jaden Thompson: “Drink electrolytes and stay hydrated.”

Kasia: “A) Wear comfortable shoes — especially girls. B) Always carry a pair of sunglasses with you (you might find yourself at some random after-party the next morning even though you didn’t plan on doing so). C) Remember to spread your energy wisely through the whole music week — don’t go too hard on the first party you get to and overdo it. D) The most important one: take some time on your own in nature and chill or meditate to find the right balance between parties and crowded places.”

LP Giobbi: “I'm actually looking for tips on that exact question since I've never survived a MMW in one piece.”  

Mau P: “I think I still have to sort of figure that out.”

Purple Disco Machine: “No after-parties, enough sleep and good food.”

A DJ on the decks
What’s the best thing about attending MMW?

Acraze: “Going there to get connections. If you’re an aspiring artist and you wanna get into the scene, I think it’s very smart to go to something like this. There’s so many people that are well connected. In this age I feel like it is a 60/40 thing: 60% is you have to network and 40% is all music. I think the more people you know, the better the chances of you doing more stuff. Networking is pretty crucial and smart to do in Miami music week.”

Cassy:“Seeing all the people you never get to see; it’s especially great that they are all in one place at the same time.”

Dombresky: “Meeting my DJ friends — everyone is always on the road, and this is one place where we actually get to hang out. I can also get closer with my fans and supporters, and get the chance to see some amazing artists in intimate venues.”

Heidi Lawden: “Getting to meet people up close and personal. I love to get to hear as many DJs as possible. MMW makes it easy to do that ‘cause everything is so close and there’s multiple parties day and night.” 

Jaden Thompson:“Actually, this will be my first ever MMW!”

Kasia: “The best thing about attending MMW is that music is the universal language of love which connects people with their inner self and those around them. Music also opens your heart and opens minds, so those types of events always attract very interesting, fun and open-minded people from all over the world — so be ready to make some new connections.”

LP Giobbi: “The DJ Mag party of course — and also having so many friends in one place.” 

Mau P: “The weather.”

Purple Disco Machine: “For me it’s actually the first time attending MMW. So that’s my highlight already."

A Miami street
What’s gonna be the biggest tune of MMW this year?

Acraze: “I feel like that new Meduza remix that’s floating around might be a tune for Miami Music Week. Or if Dom Dolla ever puts out ‘Rhyme Dust’, I think that might be another big record for Miami Music Week.”

Cassy: “You tell me...”

Dombresky: It’s hard to say right now. People are putting out releases faster than ever, but I would love to see a house record hit. I really loved the last ANOTR album, that’s been my favourite at the moment. I’d probably pick a track from their album.”

Heidi Lawden: “I hope it’s something I haven’t heard yet! I took a little gig downtime in Jan to be in the studio and I don’t want to listen to a lot of other music while I do that so what I’m making is not influenced, but I’m now getting back to eagerly sifting through and road testing new stuff in preparation. There’s just so much great stuff being released, I hope to get turned on to stuff I haven’t found myself.”

Kasia: “I think that the biggest hit of MMW this year is going to be the track ‘Pantheon’ by Argy and Goom Gum, released on the Afterlife label.”

LP Giobbi: “Something by Krystal Klear to slap us in the face with that ‘90s rave piano house.” 

Mau P: “Let’s revive another classic. I’m still so in love with ‘Spotlight’ by S.A.M. and Sarah Ikumu.”

Purple Disco Machine: “I have no idea, but I guess I’ll find out soon!”

Cars parked along a street in Miami
What’s the ultimate classic Miami tune?

Acraze: “I’m trying to think of something I’ve heard every time I’ve been in Miami. It has to be something from the 2000s, like 2015-era — maybe Swedish House Mafia ‘Save The World’ or Shouse ‘Love Tonight’.”

Cassy: “Difficult. I would pick an edit by Danny Tenaglia that he would play on one of his long sessions.”

Dombresky: “Oliver Dollar ‘Doin’ Ya Thang (Original Mix)’.”

Heidi Lawden: “This is tough, ‘Days Like These’ by Shaun Escoffery immediately comes to mind from memories of Winter Music Conference past, or Fat Joe ‘We Thuggin’'" 

Jaden Thompson:“It’s gotta be Will Smith ‘Miami’.”

LP GIobbi: “Whatever Diplo is playing at E11EVEN.”

Mau P: “‘Leave The World Behind’ by Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Laidback Luke featuring Deborah Cox."

Purple Disco Machine: "Spiller 'Groovejet'”

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