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Selections: BFTT

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, Mutualism and YCO's BFTT spotlights cutting edge club music, playful sound design and Celine Dion-sampling ambience

BFTT described his 2020 mix for DJ mag as “super fun but fucked up”. The same could be said for his contribution to the Selections series, in which the Manchester-based DJ and producer hones in on adventurous electronic sounds built for clubs and headphones alike. From the unpredictable rhythms of Nahi Mitti and Siete Catorce to tripped-out thumpers by Nick León and Amazondotcom, there’s a colourful connective tissue that binds these releases, and that’s before you get to the Celine Dion-sampling ambient EP by Romance. Playful sound designs, animated melodies and elastic basslines swoop, swerve and pop, like pricked balloons flying around a room. 

As well as capturing the mutant dynamism of his DJ sets, BFTT’s Selections occupy the forward-thinking space of his own music, as demonstrated on his album ‘Redefines’, which was released this year on TT Label. Following previous EPs on AD 93, All Centre, Mutualism and YCO, the label he co-runs with aya, the seven-track album is described as his "most reflective work to date" and is presented as a sort of “audio diary”. Amongst its disjointed club rhythms, woozy ambient swells and bubbling electronics, ‘Redefines’ features a collage-like array of samples sourced from YouTube videos, personal phone recordings and elsewhere. These sounds coalesce into a hi-def flurry; they pull you into the album’s digital dreamworld, where you’ll feel as dizzy as you do transfixed, as ready to dance as you are to melt into the couch. As albums go, it’s super fun, a little fucked up, and genuinely very special. 

Listen to and buy ‘Redefines’ here, and dig into BFTT’s Selections below.

Nahi Mitti
‘Aisaund Sings’ [Mutualism]

“The most original, exciting club music I’ve heard for a real long time. Biggest Tip Ever.”

Atte Elias Kantonen
‘POP 6 SUSURRUS’ [mappa]

“Best in class for hyper fun x super serious sound design. Everything I’ve heard from them is amazing but I especially love how playful the arrangements are on this one.

‘War Bride’ [SUBREAL]

“Amazondotcom making the club music like no one else once again. Guaranteed to destroy any sound system and make the people move.”

Soso Tharpa
‘Evolution’ [1432 R]

“Super obsessed with Soso Tharpa recently! This release is apparently a lot of old trax but they sound so so fresh to these ears. ‘Action’ especially is a timely reminder that if the loop slaps you can absolutely just let it roll. Strongly recommend checking out their discogs for more.”

‘xenosonic’ [ANE]

“Unbeatable third deck material / at home in the zone soundtracking. Huge fan of all Mistareez releases and this one has been on big time repeat in and out the club.”

Gav & Jord
‘Writings Ov Tomato’ [MAL recordings]

Buy on Boomkat

“Gavsborg & Time Cow (from Equiknoxx) never miss! This release on MAL recordings is no exception. Big Time Slapping dance traxx alongside hazy actress-esque sketches – sign me up!”

Siete Catorce
‘Cruda’ [SUBREAL]

“Just 10/10 – thee best. I don’t know how Siete Catorce manages to make music like this. Constantly evolving and tripping you up and yet somehow extremely danceable – AOTY material.”

‘Once Upon A Time’ [ECSTATIC]

“I have no idea who Romance is but jfc they know how to hit all my buttons. This release is made entirely out of Celine Dion samples and perfectly pulls on those fake nostalgic heartstrings to get you in your feels.”

Iceboy Violet
‘The Vanity Project’ [2 B REAL]

“Absolutely essential AOTY that the whole gang have been waiting for for years. This is just the start, watch this space.”

Nick León
‘FT060 EP’ [Future Times]

“Can’t stop playing this one in sets, rhythms that make you fall over when you're dancing. Nick León kills it every single time and that Greg Beato collab is the cherry on the cake.”