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Selections: Coco Bryce

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, Coco Bryce showcases his varied tastes in jungle, rap, synth-pop, free party slammers, footwork and more

Coco Bryce is one of the leading lights of the modern jungle scene, releasing buoyant tracks that pair hardcore’s upbeat aesthetics with light-footed rolling breaks at a rate of knots. Influenced by skate culture he’s also a dab hand at hip-hop, and has put out all the above via his prolific Myor label, alongside signing music to the likes of Fresh 86, PRSPCT, Future Retro and Rupture London, where he returned in April to help close out the label’s ‘Planets’ series with his epic track ‘Mantra’. This month sees his latest album ‘Computer Love’ drop via Myor

The record often lets rumbling bass and atmospheric samples take precedent over its drum-work — like on ‘House Music’, with its enveloping Reese, the near-ambient ‘Visibility Cloak’, and ‘Eye New’, where breakbeat shards are delicately arranged among soulful snippets. There’s downtempo moments, like the chunky 4/4 of ‘Your Touch’ and ‘Fine Feline’, which sees him exploring a fuzzy, lethargic side to the UKG and 2-step sounds he was putting out as Chavinski pre- pandemic. While there are more propulsive offerings (‘Night Safari’, ‘Trust Issues’), on the whole it’s a more explorative collection, showing a producer safe in the knowledge he can turn a dancefloor upside down at any given moment, so why not use the LP format to go deep instead? 

Ahead of the album's release on 12th May, dive into Coco Bryce’s Selections below, in which he showcases his varied tastes spanning jungle, rap, synth-pop, free party slammers, footwork and more

ML Buch
‘High Speed Calm Air Tonight’ [Self-released]

“I heard this on an NTS show a while ago and was immediately smitten, mostly by the second part of the tune, when the vocals come in. Pure bliss.”

Bengal Sound
'Solace’ [Wych]

“Anyone who can blend accordions with 140 halftime vibes deserves a medal. Wych can do no wrong.”

‘Comë On’ [Geffen Records]

“Forget about it.”

‘Pingers 1’ [WAJANG]

“My mate Cannonbar played me this when I was over at hers in Paris recently. Love how diverse they are, great stuff across the board, but their ‘Pingers’ releases take the cake.”

‘Armshouse’ [Self-released]

“Mekatune “Bought this at Planet Wax the other day. I was pleasantly surprised at how close to his original sound he stayed on this brand new release. Heater.”

DJH & The Kids In Space
‘Party Pollution’ [Self-released]

“I poached another DJH tune from one of Dwarde’s Instagram stories last year, after which I checked the rest of his discography. Only got round to nabbing a copy of this one two months ago and have been rinsing it at my gigs ever since.”

Tim Reaper
‘Give Me More (Sully Remix)’ [Amenology / Future Retro]

“Sully delivers once again, as per usual. Doesn’t get more barebones yet on-point than this really. Anthem.”

DJ Rashad
‘CCP2 feat. DJ Spinn’ [Hyperdub]

“No idea how I missed this when it came out back in 2016, but I only heard it for the first time about a month ago. I’ve yet to play it at a gig, but it’s a staple for my solo dance-offs at home.”

Monica Rypma
‘Classifieds’ [BBE]

“Originally released in 1985 as a private pressing, my dear friend FFF played me ‘Let Love Flow’ a couple years ago. I’ve been after a copy ever since and it finally got a repress last year on BBE. Turns out Monica is actually from my hometown (Breda), making it even more special to me.”

‘Pages And Pages’ [Profile Records]

“I’ve always had a soft spot for fast rap tunes. Bought this at Rarekind in Brighton recently. Plenty other gems in a similar vein, but this is hands-down my favourite at the moment.”