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Photo credit: Fiona Garden

Selections: Daniel Avery

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, ahead of his live set at Wide Awake festival, Daniel Avery spotlights sounds at the intersection of post-punk, techno, shoegaze, rave and hip-hop

Daniel Avery’s music has always looked at the dancefloor through an alternative lens. Since releasing his breakthrough debut LP, ‘Drone Logic’ in 2013, his prolific catalogue has ostensibly fallen under the techno umbrella, with a tireless DJ tour calendar to boot, but the influences industrial, shoegaze, noise and post-punk have never felt far from the surface: he collaborated with Nine Inch Nails’ Alessandro Cortini on the album ‘Illusion Of Time’; gusts of distortion course through his club-tuned productions; a mix of shimmering ambient static with metallic drum clatter gives certain tunes the feel of an abandoned factory rumbling back to life. 

It’s an approach that made mentors, friends and collaborators out of Andrew Weatherall and Erol Alkan over the years, and became fully realised on Avery’s 2022 album, ‘Ultra Truth’, which owed as much to the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Deftones and Nick Cave as it did to the likes Autechre and the Moving Shadow discography. Now, he’s released ‘More Truth’, a 7-track collection of B-sides and bonus material that really hammers that point home. 

It’s no wonder then, that Avery is scheduled to bring his new live show to Wide Awake festival in South London’s Brockwell Park on 27th May. Appearing on a line-up that balances post-punk and leftfield pop headliners including Caroline Polachek, Alex G, Shygirl and Gilla Band with underground electronic heavy-hitters including VTSS, Two Shell, Joy Orbison and Optimio (Espacio), Avery’s name serves as an ideal bridge between two worlds; an explosive bow to wrap up what’s sure to be a day packed with raw, heart-racing energy from all sides of the genre spectrum. Get your tickets here.

To whet your appetite, Avery’s contribution to the Selections series encompasses music at the intersection of post-punk, noise, hip-hop and techno. Dive in below. 

‘Remote Working’ [Ilian Tape]

“Ilian Tape must be one of the most underrated labels around – never-ending quality akin to Warp. This Andrea album is a beautiful haze of a record.”

Mandy, Indiana
‘Drag [Crashed]’ [Fire Talk]

“One of my favourite new bands around. An explosive mutant blend of post-punk, techno and noise delivered with unshakable passion. The whole album is amazing.”

Fever Ray
‘Shiver’ [Rabid Records]

“Maybe the most unique artist of their generation, there’s absolutely no one else like Fever Ray. This new album is another gemstone in their crown.”

‘Love Song’

“I’m so excited by Softcult. Like a modern Cocteau Twins or Jesus And Mary Chain soundtracking a forgotten David Lynch film. I feel like I’ve dreamt them up.”

Manni Dee
‘Pillow Princess ft ANGEL BBY (Tim Reaper Remix)’

“Manni Dee is obviously the absolute man and his latest work with ANGEL BBY shows the breadth of his unsurpassed wingspan. Equally, every single thing Tim Reaper touches turns to gold. A match made in rave heaven.”

‘Soft Play’ [Drone]

“Richard Fearless’ always impeccable Drone label fires back with yet another huge record, this time by Manchester head Kalli. The one makes walls melt.”

Danny Brown + JPEGMAFIA
‘Steppa Pig’

“Hip-hop album of the year, hands down. Danny Brown raps like he’s on fire and is loving it. Vital.”

‘Greed’ [SVBKVLT]

“The lads in Scalping (another band everyone needs in their lives) put me onto this. Fucked up techno sludge of the highest order.”


“Most artists who work with modular synths produce dull, lifeless music that could have been made on a laptop in ten minutes. JakoJako is the complete opposite of this statement. The entire album makes you feel like you’re flying.”

‘Boshly’ [The Trilogy Tapes]

“Another good pal John Loveless introduced me to this. Alien jungle that sounds like it was sent from the future. Love it.”

‘It’s Just A Bit Of Blood’ [Rock Action Records]

“A wicked band full of piss, vinegar and a trunk full of great songs. New album coming on Mogwai’s Rock Action label no less.”

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