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Selections: DJ Lynce

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, ahead of his appearance at Semibreve festival this month, Porto’s DJ Lynce spotlights his favourite jungle records

Semibreve returns to the Portuguese city of Braga this month. Taking place 26th - 29th October, the 13th edition of the festival – one which makes every sound count – will once again host a wide array of live music, DJ sets, installations, talks and workshops, all exploring the adventurous fringes of experimental and electronic music. 

Among those on the bill are previous DJ Mag cover star Loraine James, performing her new record for Hyperdub, ‘Gentle Confrontation’. Beatrice Dillon will also make her Semibreve debut, as well as African-American/French ambient artist, Nexcyia and Dutch synthesist Thomas Ankersmit, whose set will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Serge Modular synthesiser. Cult Midwest US electronic outfit Emeralds will give a rare live performance, while Mumdance will play a "durational" DJ set comprising techno, grime, and avant-garde beats. London-based Congolese artist and NON Worldwide founder Nkisi, who was set to play Semibreve's cancelled 2020 instalment, will also make her debut this time, as will experimental organist Kali Malone. 

The four-day festival will also feature young Braga-born vocalist and electronic composer Inês Malheiro and Porto’s DJ Lynce, who will reach deep into his wildly varied record bag for the programme’s late night offering. Lynce has dug into his crates for DJ Mag’s Selections series too, spotlighting some of his favourite jungle records that he’s been playing out lately. Dive in below, and grab your tickets for Semibreve 2023 here

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‘Help Me’ (1993)

“This one is a landmark in Amen history: the king of mashed-up jungle's first-ever record. Pure Madness, it was my first experience with his music, I had never heard an acid bassline on a jungle track before, so when I was listening to Mayhem for the first time it blew me away. Simon Reynolds once said Remarc is the ‘king of the beat’, which is completely true. Tip: this record goes well with Kid Lib’s Peter Darker alias!”

‘Night Stalker’ (1993)

“One of the darker releases of that time from a true pioneer of the genre. Every Skanna record stands the test of time and every one is a masterpiece. Dark and warm synths put ‘Night Stalker’ at the top of the game, and the EP is full of familiar samples too but the FSOL makes it even more special!”

‘The Optive Odyssey’ (1993)

“Hard to say what I like the most here. Is it techno? Is it breakbeat? Or is it jungle? No one knows for sure and it doesn’t really matter because this beast is all that and much more, its syncopated 4/4 beats with the breakbeats are bliss. Massive basslines are there to be found as well and you can listen to great sampling from Joey Beltram and AFX on A1!”

'Venus No. 17’ (2004)

“Remember the second track on his debut album ‘Feed Me Weird Things’? So, have a listen on the B-side of this brutal record and you’ll get some serious goosebumps. The A-side is hi-tech braindance acid jungle at its finest, genius production and composition from Tom’s brilliant mind. It goes really well with his Vortrack record, and the Vic period!”

‘Steinvord’ (2012)

“Much speculation has been made about who’s behind this brutal noisy enigmatic record. Some say it is RDJ, others say it is Squarepusher. It could be Jodey Kendrick… The truth is the composition sounds a lot like them but who cares anyway when the music is a feast for your ears, a standout record on the Rephlex catalogue!”

Kid Lib & Percussive P
‘Da Crunchy Creamz EP’ (2013)

“The first release on what would become one of the greatest ever jungle labels out of the UK (Green Bay Wax, Sheffield). It's the new generation here, ‘90s golden era breakbeats with a new twist and approach, serious ragamuffin bass style for your mind and body. Their catalogue is impressive and stands out from any other label these days. Keep it coming!”

Dwarde and Tim Reaper
‘Globex Corp 12” collection (2016 - 2019)’

“Globex Corp is ‘a series of Simpsons-themed releases, based around tunes from Dwarde and Tim Reaper’ - so every release has a still from some Simpsons episode attached to it with no info about the artists whatsoever, which I like. The music is a banging badass hardcore jungle techno feast, maximum rave effect. Pure energy, pure bliss!”