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Selections: DJ Stingray 313

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, DJ Stingray 313 spotlights electro, techno and industrial gems

With the world-famous area code in his name and always sporting a gothic D for Detroit on his chest, DJ Stingray 313 has been championing the sounds of his home city for over 30 years. An expert in all things electro and techno, the masked DJ and producer relaunched his Micron Audio label last year and the latest release brings together his ‘Aqua Team’ series — first put out in the late ‘00s via WéMè — into an LP format. 

Cerebral and futuristic, the sparse beats throughout leave plenty of room for Stingray’s wiggling, squelching synth lines to work their psychedelic magic. From the punchy ‘Serotonin’ to the sleaze of ‘Silicone Romance’, the hopeful minimalism of ‘Wire Act’ to guttural roller ‘Mindless’, agitated dystopian vision ‘LR001’ and cosmic closer ‘It’s All Connected’, this is a sonically cohesive but emotionally varied body of work that feels like it was always destined to be an album. Perfect for home-listening as a unit, the tracks will work on the dancefloor — a place DJ Stingray 313’s Selections are also built for.

Soft Grunge
‘Bass In Your Chest’ [Posse Up!]

“It’s tough these days to use the term ‘funk’, but this track brings it to you without pause.”

‘Devil Dance’ [DUEL]

“Hard-hitting, refined, industrial waveforms.”

Moogie Fox & Philo
‘Bouge Ton Cul’ [Nice & Deadly]

“Really nice intro that allows me to get out of any track. Perfect vocals and bass.”

‘Deception’ [47]

“More refined industrial in an electro package. Wonderful, cinematic sound design and late-21st-century vocals.”

‘Technobass Freak’ [Bogoture Records]

“Packed full of funky synths, immaculate drum programming and cyborg vocals.”

‘ONHCET’ [Juicy Gang Records]

“Dystopian, high-speed tech/electro. Nice solid kick and dystopian synth programming.”

‘1800AREYOUSLAPPIN (Sinistarr Hotline Remix)’ [Worst Behavior Recs]

“Really intricate sampling and drum work. Heavy bass and very good arrangement!”

‘Ionic Crystals’ [Aqualung]

“This is usually my starter track. So futuristic with beautiful string work and modulated synth loops.”

Robert Hood
'Ignite A War’ [Rekids]

“Mr. Hood was really dialled-in on this one. Hypnotic elements from start to finish, along with a no-nonsense bassline.”

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Photo credit: George Nebieridze