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Selections: FAFF

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, FAFF spotlight euphoric rave anthems and peak-time body movers

Listening to FAFF is like drinking a shot of undiluted euphoria. The duo of Elliot and Ornography, both residents at the Big Dyke Energy club night and regulars at the beloved East London queer club Dalston Superstore, play DJ sets that distil rave NRG into its rawest state: rowdy breaks, ceiling-smacking basslines, anthemic vocals and big trance moments zoom through techno, garage, electro and classic house cuts. Simply put, they play party music – but with a healthy dash of nostalgia, sentimental heft and humour, it becomes something a bit more than that. Just listen to their recent mix recorded for the Field Maneuvers crew and you’ll get the idea. 

It’s an energy that’s matched in their productions, from the deep-space jungle and acid techno of their 2021 debut 'The Last Piglette', to their bawdy ‘fisting our way to heaven’ rave remix of Ugly Drugless’ ‘Titties’. Earlier this month, they debuted on D. Tiffany’s Planet Euphorique label with the ‘Camp Summer Hits’ EP, a five-track suite of bangers that feel tailor-made for festival season. From the high-speed head rushes of the title track and ‘Translucid Poppers Got Me Moving’ to the proggy acid pulse of ‘BJ’s On The Beach’ and ‘Just Like Addiction’, it’s all wide-eyed, peak-time gold, capped off with the naughty bruk belter ‘It's Raining Cats & Dogs’. 

Get your ears on ‘Camp Summer Hits’ here, and dive into FAFF’s Selections below, where they showcase precisely just what you can expect from one of their DJ sets.

Lew E
‘Touched’ [Basic Spirit]

“I used to be obsessed with the song that the vocal sample in this track is pulled from – ‘Touched’ by VAST – I would play it on repeat on my iPod nano lol! And then I lost it, forgot the name and have been searching for it ever since. So when this track came out I was so happy to hear it again. It’s a real tension builder but I’m yet to find the right moment to play it.”

‘Energy bliss’ [canoe]

“If you’ve listened to us DJ you know we love euphoric tracks and old school piano riffs and this track provides exactly that. Both tracks on this EP are just beautiful.”

‘Serving Cunt Ft. My Hot Ex’

“Love all of Maara’s productions and mixes and this track is just an iconic queer anthem! J’adore! Have been playing it out all month.”

Josh Caffe
‘You (w/ Erol Alkan Rework)’ [Phantasy Sound]

“Love this one, alluring vocals and the filthy, cheeky bassline. I’m also really into the high synth hook that comes in half way through.”

Transformer 2
‘Fruit Of Love (Hallelujah Club Remix)’ [Hooj Choons]

“I absolutely love the original of this track from 1992. It's so melancholic and always puts me in a trance. so when I heard this new remix come out I instantly bought it. I love the dirty bass arpeggiator spinning all the way though and the old school electro beat underneath. The vocals are just gorgeous. For me it’s the original to listen at home and this edit to play out!”

Fantastic Man
‘Visions of Dance volume 2’ [Superconscious Records]

“I’m really into this EP at the moment. I love the uplifting pads, ethereal vocal and euphoric siren on ‘Beyond Control’ in particular.”

DJ Babatr
‘The Tribe (Balia) EP’ [sonidoaca]

“This one is seductive, rhythmic and percussive. It always makes everyone dance.”

Submarine FM
‘Euphoria’ [Jarring Effects]

“Absolutely adore this whole LP by one of my favourite producers, Submarine FM. This one is more of a listening one to me, especially ‘Firebending’, which is full of warm synth pads and melancholia. Never fails to give me goosebumps. Pure gender euphoria throughout.”

‘Bloco Volume. 1’ [Recherche & Développement]

“Great french pop/electro band - amazing for either at home listening or to play out in the club. I’m really into all the whistles and sexy vocals they use.”

Marie Malarie
‘You Know How I Feel’

“This was part of the amazing IWD Comp on Radiant Records. I love the chaos of this track in particular; it takes you on a deep, dark and epic adventure. It’s good to play at peak time, or to just walk in the rain/storm.”