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Selections: Gabrielle Kwarteng

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, Panorama Bar regular Gabrielle Kwarteng spotlights jacking and enchanting house tracks for the dancefloor

If you’ve been to Berghain’s Panorama Bar recently, there’s a good chance you’ve danced to a DJ set from Gabrielle Kwarteng. The New York-born, Berlin-based selector has become a regular fixture at the club since normal programming resumed in March. It’s no surprise either: her sets are irresistible deep-dives into classic Chicago and NYC house, with healthy flourishes of acid, techno and tribal grooves mixed in for good measure. She digs deep, and on her regular shows for The Lot Radio and Refuge Worldwide these sounds are mixed seamlessly with funk, jazz, breaks and disco from every corner around the world. With a dextrous technique and a talent for making dancefloors move, Kwarteng’s jacking and enchanting sound has taken her to clubs in the UK, Mexico, Ibiza and beyond. 

She has a busy festival season ahead, with sets lined up at London’s GALA, Albania’s Kala, Germany’s Melt, Croatia’s Love International and more. Before all that though, she’ll be playing at Boiler Room Bristol on Saturday 28th May. Taking place at the city’s new Popyard venue, the all-day, open-air party will also feature sets from Rhythm Section boss Bradley Zero (who Kwarteng recently joined for a show on NTS), CC:Disco!, Elkka, O’Flynn, Mall Grab and Tarzsa.  Tickets are available here.

Kwarteng’s contribution to the Selections series demonstrates her deep-diving, party-starting approach to DJing. Featuring ‘90s house thumpers, breaksy genre fusions and a cheeky deep cut from Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter, it’s wall-to-wall pumpers for the dancefloor. Dig in below. 

‘The New World Order 2’ [TRAX Records]

“It’s quite difficult to select one Armando record to highlight, but I decided on this one, which was originally released in either 1992 or ‘93. Strongly recommend checking out his entire discography - you won’t be disappointed if you’re a fan of house and acid. There’s a reason why he’s considered a pioneer.”

‘555’ [Primitive Productions]

“One of many incredible tracks from RAC’s collection - a high energy, bouncy trance song with a serious groove. Not to mention the infectious vocals that’ll stick with you long after it’s finished playing.”

No Smoke
‘International Smoke Signal’

“A timeless UK leftfield house record from 1990 that traverses deep house, breakbeat, acid house and tribal grooves. And there’s a cheeky Star Wars sample on one of the tracks that I think many fans would appreciate.”

DJ Slugo
‘Bad Ash (Juke Instrumental)’ [U4E]

“A sexy ghetto house tune from a Chicago OG that will undoubtedly send hips moving and asses shaking.”


“I discovered this producer duo online about two years ago in the beginning of the pandemic and I quickly delved into their extensive catalogue of bassy, Latin-infused percussive dub sounds. Their wide-ranging influences, which includes breakbeat, UKG, and kuduro, can be heard in this track.”

Thomas Bangalter
'Outrun’ [Roulé]

“There’s not really much left to say that hasn’t already been said about one of the most legendary house producers, who’s also one half of Daft Punk. But this is one of my personal favourites of his solo work - the build-up in the first 30 seconds alone will send you into a frenzy.”

‘La Sirena’ [Go Bang! Records]

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“A smokey, sexy trance tune with heavy tribal and percussive elements.”

‘Aquí’ [PAN]

“This genre-bending track is my favourite from a very innovative LP, ‘Movimiento Para Cambio’. Aquí, the album’s final number, is filled with industrial glitchy sound effects, that is also paired with ferocious Spanish vocals from Chris Vargas, transforming the otherwise Balearic house track into a leftfield breakbeat one as well.”

milo milo
‘El Tiburón’ [Wile Out]

“An incredible 150 BPM sped-up remix of a classic early ‘90s hip-hop/merengue house track that without question lights the dancefloor on fire. The nostalgia surrounding the track also pays homage to my uptown NYC roots, having grown up hearing merengue and bachata blasting outside at block parties on warm summer evenings.”

‘Street Knowledge’ [Acacia Records.]

“One of my all-time favourite tracks from a producer who left us way too soon. Jacking house at its finest.”